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Working Together Improving Credit Scores


Thank goodness for American Credit Solutions. They deleted chapter 7 from my credit report. It’s been two years since it was discharged, and I thought I would have to wait another 8 years for it to drop off. They found inaccuracies in chapter 7 reported by the credit bureaus and now I feel confident applying for the apartment I have been looking at from a distance. I will refer to my family and friends, they’re awesome.

Thank You Geoff, 

~ Brian Nettles – San Jose, California

My Real Estate Agent referred me and my husband to American Credit Solutions. I went to a first-time home buyers’ seminar my agent’s office was giving and American Credit Solutions had a booth there. They told me they can run my credit report for $1.00. I was shocked! They did what they said and got negative items removed from our credit reports. We are now proud homeowners of our first home.

Thank You American Credit Solutions

~ Jim and Nancy Jackson – Atlanta, Georgia

I blew my engine and needed to buy a new vehicle. I went to a car dealership, found a car I liked and could afford. Test drove it and filled out an application to purchase. The Salesman asked me up front how my credit was and with doubt I responded I think it’s fair. He ran several inquiries to see if there was a bank that would support me with the loan but there were none. My income was good enough to buy the car but my credit score was not good enough to buy the car.  I was frustrated and worried and drove away in my rental car, embarrassed. I decided enough is enough and went online seeking help to repair my credit and I came across several companies but I chose American Credit Solutions because the price was right and their video explained step by step in simple detail what I would be paying for. I could interactively watch online as good changes were happening and they offered a money back guarantee! Long story short, my credit score went from the low 500’s to the high 700’s in a matter of 6 months and to me it was worth EVERY dime. I am also learning from them the skills of keeping my credit clean and the best part is I have a new confidence. I know that I can buy any car, be approved for any credit card or even buy a house if that’s what I want to do and that is a feeling that makes me overjoyed. Thank you American Credit Solutions, I will definitely be referring people your way, letting them know, you are indeed the solution!

Wanda T.-California