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FCRA Violations / Compensation

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Slams the Hammer on the 3 Credit Bureaus for violating these 3 FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) listed below and there’s more.

Get $1,000 Per Violation!

  1. Credit Bureaus refuse to correct information after being provided proof. Defamation, willful INJURY.FCRA 623 Cushman vs Transunion.
  2. The consumer reporting agency shall notify the consumer of the reinsertion in writing not later than 5 business days after the reinsertion. FCRA 611, 5Bii
  3. Failing to respond to disputes within 30 days FCRA 611A1

Four types of damages you can be awarded

If you win a lawsuit, you may be entitled to a sum of money, known in the legal world as “damages.” Damages, in many cases, come in two major categories: punitive and compensatory damages. Punitive damages seek to punish the person for their wrongdoing. In contrast, Compensatory damages are intended simply to pay the person who was injured.

  1. Actual Damages or Compensatory

  2. Statutory (if willful):     You ask to delete but they didn’t

  3. Punitive (if willful):       Punish for their actions

  4. Attorney fees/cost:     You win, they pay court cost

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